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Much like George Gershwin’s wonderful song Rhapsody in Blue, bagels, yellow taxis, and searing tower blocks perfectly capture New York’s look, feeling, and, overall power the place has. Much the same, casinos themselves have had a real cultural impact and fed our imaginations to paint a picture of a classic casino. Many people may never have stepped a foot into a casino floor, but they can paint a vivid picture all the same. Usually, those descriptions pretty much are of the same variant. 

Las Vegas will almost be the first answer a person can think of when describing a casino. Immortalized in so many works of art like Hunter S Thompson seminal book Fear & Loathing, Martin Scorsese brilliant movie Casino, and even more popular films like the Hangover franchise. They have their similarities and their differences in work but Vegas remains much the same setting.

It has its bright flashing lights, Vegas Vic (the smoking cowboy), the change flowing from the slot machines, blackjack dealer with their red waste coats, swing music, and Mafia bosses who don’t like a winner.

The Mafia controlling Las Vegas was a common legend that wasn’t necessarily completely false. The gangster Bugsy Siegel famously spent millions (well over $60 million in today’s value) on building much of the groundwork allowing for Vegas to grow, though quite humours, he was tricked a number of times by a corrupt foreman making him repeatedly buy Palm Trees that he already had.

Of course, casinos aren’t always mob run, nor are they always in Vegas, though many of us forget that. Britain has many casinos, even though it is intrinsically seen as USA invention (first real casinos were Venice). Blackpool and Scarborough are gambling places. As much as it lacks the classic hip look of Vegas, yet that does not disqualify it from them being casinos of course. In many regards, they are older.  

Neither is most American casinos. People forget the Native American owned casinos found outside many of the reservations. Very different from its Vegas brother. In fact, for many Indian reservations, it is its most important source of revenue to keep many Native Americans in business.

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One may find it easy to typecast casinos as all the same, mostly of the Las Vegas variety, but that would be rejecting so many more casinos types. If anything, casinos are one of the most varied businesses around today. People just tend to think, understandably, that it is just Vegas that is the Casino hot bed. Neglecting the many types of casinos around the globe.

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