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Castle Builder II Review

Slot machines are perhaps the most popular casino games ever invented. They are diverse, versatile, and exciting, available at a variety of venues ranging from no deposit slots portals to real-life locations like pubs, gas stations, and lottery offices. People play them for real money but also for fun, both at online casinos and through social casino apps available as mobile apps or desktop games through social networks (mostly Facebook).

The two types of games are different enough to attract different kinds of players. There is one game, though, or rather there will be, that will bridge the gap between social and real money casino games, offering players a unique, immersive experience across all their devices. It's called Castle Builder II, and it will become available worldwide in the second quarter of 2017.

About the game

Castle Builder II will be a sequel to Rabcat's successful slot machine title Castle Builder, released in 2014. The game, as its predecessor, shifts player focus away from coins and bonuses, toward a task that needs to be completed: building castles. If in the first game, this was a matter of simply spinning the reels, things will get far more complicated in the sequel - and that's what makes the game so captivating and fun. First of all, players will need to select one of the two available builder profiles (with a third one that can be unlocked later in the game). Each builder comes with its own perks, like faster building or free spins, useful throughout the game.

Depending on the avatar they choose, players will then be taken to a different part of the game's map, to start building castles in a variety of kingdoms. The building process itself will be done through the slot machine part of the game: by spinning the reels, players gather the materials needed to finish the project. As in the first Castle Builder game, the Princess (or Prince) will move into the castle once it's finished, followed by several suitors. Players will need to select one of them, hoping to cash out the largest possible reward for their work. Players will be able to progress through 15 kingdoms with a total of 75 castles to build.

Over the course of the game, they will encounter over 300 characters - kings, royal offspring, and suitors competing for their hands. Players will also be able to collect more than just coins while playing: for each completed castle they will receive experience points based on which they will progress through the game, unlock new perks, and new achievements.

About Rabcat

Rabcat is an Austrian game art and online casino software company founded in 2001. Over the years, it has contributed to a number of high-profile video games, like Overwatch, PayDay 2, and several major motor racing franchises like Forza Motorsport, Drift, and others, with character, vehicle, weapon, and environment design. The company has also launched several beautiful slot machines, like Dragon's Myth, River of Riches, and Scary Friends, distributed through Microgaming's network.

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