How to Calculate the Probability of Hitting a Jackpot at Slots?

How to Calculate the Probability of Hitting a Jackpot at Slots?

Every professional or occasional punter loves a game of slots now and then. The appeal of the casino slots is obvious – the odds are fixed, the games easy to understand and the proliferation of online betting sites and mobile apps makes it even more accessible for anybody to become a successful bettor without putting much of an effort. However, with this richness of choice comes the frustration as everybody prefers to invest their time in something that will pay off eventually. Soon, finding these best slot sites becomes more of a quest than an actual enjoyment of the games. Is the welcome bonus good enough? Is there a single winning strategy to finding the best slot games? It is normal that many are curious to know more about mobile slots with all the casino sites on the internet. Like any other betting game, slot sites have their own system of making a profit and digging beneath the surface is the first step to adopting your individual winning strategy to beat the slots provider.

Understand the Science behind the Casino Slots Structure

Have you ever wondered why there are so many casino sites and mobile apps? The truth is simple – the house always wins; therefore, the provider always makes a profit out of your bets. Very few people know that you can use this fact to your advantage by understanding what’s going on behind the scenes of the slots games and by adopting a strategy for your future games, instead of just playing blind.

Slots Probability Formula

Let’s take a look at slots mathematics as a starting point. When slot providers purchase casino software, they receive information about the payback percentage that the bettor will get; the hold per cent for the house, and the volatility index showing how frequently the game will pay off. Of course, this information is not visible to the punters, but it can be assumed that games that are heavily advertised or which feature flashing graphics are not necessarily the most played games or the games that have actual payouts closer to the theoretical ones determined by the software provider. The bottom line is that slots will eventually pay back a percentage of what has been played by all bettors in that particular game. Slots are also considered a game of chance, as they are determined by a random selection of symbols equal to a set of predetermined odds by the software provider, but different each time the game is played. The payout percentage can be calculated by using the number of the reels and symbols on each wheel in a given game. Take, for example, slots with three reels and twenty symbols per wheel. To work out the sum of combinations of symbols on this machine, multiply the total of symbols by the number of symbols on each of the remaining reels. Thus, the equation looks like this: 20 x 20 x 20 = 8,000 combinations. If you know the frequency of each symbol to appear on each reel, then you can easily determine the probability of a jackpot if you hit three of the same symbols. Slot games with 5 or more reels might offer attractive returns at first sight, but the probabilities will be thousands if not millions more than a simple three-reel one. It is important to remember that the payout percentage has been predetermined by the provider and it will only pay out after a very long period of time, while the site operator will continue to take a percentage on every virtual coin played in the game. This is not to say that you cannot trust any given site, as there are good reference sites such as which vigorously test the betting providers of their reliability and then present a weekly list of the best casino sites. Basic traits of the good slots site include the reliability of the software provider, the number of payment options and games offered, and the bonuses included, such as no deposit welcome bonus, free spins and free coins. Shop around and play different games on several wagering sites, as you’d stand a better chance to win than just sticking with one slot game you’re most comfortable with.

Which Slot Games to Pick?

There are different types of games, ranging from traditional 3-reel slots to video slots and 3D slots with immersive sounds and graphics making for a great experience, but also more uncertain returns. A good piece of advice is to search for sites that list their payback percentage, bearing in mind that the remainder will be the percentage that the house will make for every time you spin the slots. Good betting sites also list the player's win rates or return to player payback percentages which directly relate to determining which game will pay off better over the long term. To sum up, you should first try slots with fewer reels and know the total symbol number, as well as which symbol combinations are jackpots and bonuses. Then, use the slots probability formula to find those games that offer more regular returns, as you’d not only stand a better chance of cashing out sooner, but you’d also be able to play enjoy the games longer. Alternatively, if you have a limited bankroll and you'd like to win in the short run, choose slots with the smallest jackpots, as those are the easiest to win. On the other hand, video reels and novelty themed slots might be attractive, but usually have the worst odds, as they are likely to be the newest games on the sites. Another common mistake is to assume that you must bet all your money on one game because if you don't, you'd lose more in the long-term. In fact, on most slots, the probability of you winning would be very similar, with the only difference being that if you put more coins, you'd get a higher return if and only if you hit the jackpot. So, what does it mean to look for loose online slots and why are they so good? Loose slots simply refer to slots with higher volatility meaning that they'd pay bigger amounts but rarely. A good strategy is to consider low and medium volatility games that pay more regularly, but smaller returns.

How Would you Play?

At the end of the day, it is really down to your betting style and bankroll and whether you've chosen slots for the excitement and entertainment or whether you'd really want to make some money out of it. If you're new to slots and you still don't know whether it's for you, study the games for free online or on mobile to understand better the different bonuses and pay lines.

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