How to Find Loose Slot Machines

How to Find Loose Slot Machines

Slot machines have always been one of the most popular games for casino players. No matter if it is your first time trying your luck on the slot floor or if you are a regular, the ring of the slot machines is bound to draw you in and make you play a few dimes.

Over the years, people have tried to come up with ways to increase their winnings on these slot machines. In this line of thought, they have come up with the idea of loose machines. These are slots which have a higher payout percentage than others, as opposed to tight slot machines that are not as generous.

Many people disagree with this belief and explain the phenomenon with a simple connection between high and low hit frequency on the one hand and the payout percentage on the other. Namely, if the machine has high hit frequency, it should reward the player regularly in every few spins, which is why their payout is extremely low. The contrasting type of slots with a low hit frequency will offer much greater payout in order to keep the player from giving up on the slot machine.

Over the years, slot machines have changed drastically. One major factor is the computerization trend of the 21th century that allowed slot machines to use Random Number Generators for their combinations. Plus, there is a much greater variety of slot games than 20 years ago, as you can see from the slot selection at or any land-based slot floor. Still, slot players are constantly on the look-out for the loose slots that can get them a greater profit on the long run. In order to locate them, players have developed several theories.

Some players claim that the loose machines are regularly placed at the ends of the isles. That way, they appeal to passers-by who usually end up sitting on the tight slots in the middle. Another theory based on the ‘strategic location’ of slots claims you should be able to find loose slots near the coin redemption booths. The slot players waiting in line for the coin booths are likely to be attracted by the sound of winning any kind of jackpot and try their luck on the closest slot machine hoping for the same luck. According to these theoreticians, it is important to remember that loose slot machines are never placed next to each other.

There are a couple theories about the placement of tight machines as well, often associating them with a means to kill the time. That is why slots near the buffet are considered tight, as well as those near the table games. Whatever the reason is, you shouldn’t rely too much on such assumptions in order to avoid getting carried away and losing your hard-earned cash. After all, slot machines are meant to serve both the players and the casinos by allowing them to profit from their spins.

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