The Future of VR Slots

The Future of VR Slots

VR is making a big impact on the tech world right now. With many devices already on the market, and plenty more slated for release in the future, you can be sure that VR will make a huge impact on the online casino industry.

When people play slots online, they gravitate toward the new titles and games. They want exciting graphics, dynamic sound, and interesting interfaces. They want to swipe and pinch, double-click and drag their way to a jackpot. Now imagine giving players VR control over their games.

Not only will they enjoy the incredibly immersive experience VR offers, they’ll absolutely love the new interactions VR allows, like a virtual casino floor. Instead of a boring drop-down menu listing the slots a casino offers, players will be able to stroll a virtual casino floor and find their favorite games and new titles to play.

Virtual casino guests can also interact with each other socially at bars and lounges, meeting new friends and exchanging gambling tips. This social element is one of the bigger factors driving VR tech right now and casinos will do well to offer their players a social as well as a gambling experience.

Plus, with customizable avatars, players can change their appearance as easy as changing their clothes. Even better, players will be able to choose from a variety of settings. Picture a virtual casino floor in an underwater dome, or on the surface of Saturn, or in a tropical rainforest, or on top of the Eiffel Tower. The possibilities are endless and options will be driven by consumers, as are so many developments in the casino industry.

This VR trend fits with the current shift to mobile gambling, which is growing steadily at 10% annually. Current projections show that 40% of online gambling will take place on mobile devices by 2020. What’s more, VR gambling is expected to balloon by 800% by 2021.

Those numbers are hard to ignore. As it is, there are a handful of VR online casinos, but there are very few casino games available, and even fewer that let players wager real money. The next few years will see a majority of online casinos offering a VR gambling experience of some kind, with some being VR exclusive.

Developers are hard at work bringing this new technology to players, and if the numbers are correct, VR could become the dominant platform for online gambling.  


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Posted by Andy Hindmarsh

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