Types of Online Poker Games

Types of Online Poker Games

It wasn't too many years ago when you could only find Texas Holdem and Omaha poker games running consistently at online poker rooms. However, nowadays there are more than a dozen types of poker games to play online.

Finding real money cash games for some of the poker games is difficult, but definitely not impossible. You'll need to do some research because many of the poker games listed here are only offered at a few online poker rooms.

The two most common poker games are Texas Holdem and Omaha. Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo are both generally available at all of the major online poker sites, but some sites will have more traffic than others.

If you prefer playing multi-table tournaments (MTTs) than you'll typically need to play Holdem or Omaha. Since these are the most popular poker games, there are always daily MTTs with huge prize pools up for grabs.

Some of the other poker games you can play for real money online include Stud, Stud Hi/Lo, Five Card Draw, Razz, Badugi, Courchevel, 2-7 Single Draw and 2-7 Triple Draw. However, these games aren't nearly as popular.

While you'll be able to find action on low limit cash game tables most of the time, you likely won't find regular MTTs, SnG tournaments or cash games that are played at anything but the lowest stakes.

Badugi and Razz are two poker variants growing in popularity. More poker rooms are beginning to offer these games. For example, Bet365 Poker is now spreading Razz cash games, which run regularly.

For those that don't know, Razz is similar to seven card stud except for the fact the lowest hand wins. If you're looking to mix up the types of poker games you're playing, Razz is one of the most entertaining variants.

There are also multiple mixed poker games spread at several online poker rooms. Popular mixed poker games include HORSE, 8-Game and Holdem/Omaha. HORSE is the most widely played mixed poker variant.

Mixed poker has never been too popular with poker players because they require a ton of strategy and focus or else you will lose. Specializing in one variant of a mixed poker game isn't going to lead to consistent profits either.

While playing some of the poker games listed in this article is entertaining, the competition is tough. There aren't a lot of five card draw poker players, but the ones that are playing online are typically knowledgeable.

As you can see, there are plenty of poker variations to play for real money on the internet.

Ways to Play Poker Online

There are three main ways to play online poker for real money. Those are cash games, sit and go tournaments and multi-table tournaments. However, there have been some innovative ways to play online poker in recent years.

Many poker sites offer a poker variant called fast-fold poker (IE: Zoom Poker). Fast-fold poker allows grinders to earn VIP rewards a lot quicker, but you also need to be focused as the amount of hands you play per hour will skyrocket.

There are online poker tournaments every week with six-figure prize pools. There are also a wide range of 24/7 cash games available online at varying stakes. There's lots of money to be made still by playing online poker.

This was a quick primer of the types of poker games you can play online as well as the different ways you can play for real money. We recommend reading through our other poker guides to learn more on the subject.

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