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The world of online slots has evolved massively since the first slot machine the "Liberty Bell" created by Charles Fey, a car mechanic from San Francisco.

It features 3 reels and only 6 symbols one of which was a cracked liberty bell hence the name. We associate this as a fruit machine, one arm bandit or slot machine depending on which era you were born.


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Brief History of Video Slots

Since the introduction of online casinos in 1994 by Microgaming, we now have big budget casino slots featuring immersive game play from bonus rounds, video sequences and on-screen animated taken from the movies in slots like Jurassic Park and The Dark Knight Rises.

The current breed of casino slots  are extremely popular from Net Ent Gonzos Quest, Starburst and the ever popular Rainbow Riches from Barcrest, which provide you with an arcade game type experience similar to Namco Pac-man or Williams Defender, which went from arcades and restaurants into our homes via video consoles from Atari and Sega.

Today slot games are big business, and the Worlds biggest Online Gaming Companies invest heavily to ensure the latest online slots are available to players to play for fun or play for real money at the top online casinos across the United Kingdom and around the world.* Everyone wants to experience the thrill of Las Vegas and the amazing selection of vegas slots on offer to everyone looking to hit a life changing jackpot. 
*Subject to Regulatory conditions.

Both Playtech and Microgaming have released a number of Movie themed slots, as well as slots from the pages of our favourite comic books featuring Marvel and DC Comics creations at the centre of the slot game. You even have video slots from Apple and Android mobile games including Plants vs Zombies and Bejeweled.

Television isn't to be left out either, a very successful slot game was introduced based on the hugely successful TV Quiz Show Deal or No Deal in the UK, and in Las Vegas you have of course Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and The 100,000 Pyramid to name three.

The latest batch of new released free slots include Music and Rock Icons from all genres these including Elvis the King Lives, Jimi Hendrix, Guns n Roses and Kiss Shout it Out Loud.

8 Reasons we love Video Slots

1. - Fastest Grown Sector

The Fastest Grown Sector of both Online and Land based casinos - From the early classic slots games, and then the resurgence of both poker thanks to Chris Moneymaker's Historic WSOP Main event win in 2003. This was followed by Blackjack as a result of the Blockbuster Movie 21 which featured the real life story of six MIT students who took down the house in Vegas. With the help of their professor who taught them everything there was to know about card counting. Now everyone want to play the latest new slots which take up a huge percentage of every Las Vegas casino, as well as the vast majority of pages of the worlds top online casinos.

2. - High Frequency of Payout

A High Frequency of Payout - Most Video slot games have a Medium Volatility which essentially means you will receive regular winning spins, allow you to play for longer and experience everything the game has to offer during your gaming session.

3. - Entertainment Factor

The Entertainment Factor - Every one playing slots whats to win and hopefully hit it big, with video slots as I mentioned the frequency of payouts is greater and you have the various additions over a classic slots like scatter symbols, bonus features, and mystery rewards too. All of which increase the entertainment factor leading to players wanting to play more to explore all the features available.

4. - Interactive Bonus Rounds

Interactive Bonus Rounds - Anyone who has been in Las Vegas over the last 10 years is sure to have played, seen or heard the famous words from the Game show "Wheel of Fortune" to signify the start of the bonus round where the lucky player has hit 3 Wheel of Fortune scatter symbols to begin the bonus round with the chance to win anything from 25x to the jackpot payout of 1000x your bet size. Usually when this happens players nearby will stop playing and look to the sky waiting to see the size of the reward from the resulting Wheel of Fortune bonus spin.

5. - Loads of Fun

Of course you want to be enjoying your time at a slot machine and having fun while you play, this is the modus operandi of today's slots games. and your are sure to have fun when you enter any of the bonus rounds and appealing features on offer. I remember the first time I entered Eldorado in Gonzo's Quest with my free falls paying up to x15 win multiples. And of course the Road to Gold in Rainbow Riches hoping you can make it all the way to the jackpot prize.

6. - Easy to Play

Everyone remembers the guy at the pub or arcade who knew all the tricks and ways to get the one arm bandits and fruit machines to pay out the maximum and be guaranteed a winning spin the next time you hit the start button. With video slots you can sit down start to play and part of the fun is exploring the game play, features and bonuses on offer. 

7. - Longer playing time

As I've mentioned above with the level of volatility meaning frequent payout means you can play for longer, explore the game and enjoy the bonus features when they hit for you. All in all making it an entertaining, potentially rewarding experience. Which lets face it is what everyone wants these days.

8. - Variety of Games

We have every thing from Egyptian themed slots like Cleopatra, to Greek Mythology with Zeus and the various interations on the theme. TV and Game show themed slots like Wheel of Fortune (See 4 above), and more recently Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory and more.


In summary what ever your interest you will be pretty sure to fine a slot game that appeals to you whether you are taking a stroll through the gaming floor of a Vegas Casino, you local Casino. Even your local bookmakers or Bingo Club where you can play a vast selection of games on the various server based games available on one of the various versions of Fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs).

More importantly you can play in the comfort of your own home on your Laptop, PC, Mac, iPad or Mobile phone be it Android or iOS. Why now take a look through our list of select highly recommended Online casino partner sites offering very nice welcome bonuses to allow you to play with the house's money as well as your own.